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The Literary Compass


Group featuring and promoting long-form fiction, novels, and on-going serials. Also the hub for the article series published on a once-a-month basis.

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Many of the fiction series and novels we feature in the Literary Compass articles have groups linked to them. We accept affiliations with these groups and some other literature based groups.

Literary Compass - Vol. 17

Wed Jan 7, 2015, 2:17 PM


If one is looking for Literature, you don't need to go far on deviantART. There is a large community of writers and a plethora of work to peruse. Featuring genres such as fantasy, mystery, horror, and romance, one would be hard-pressed to find an area not covered. However, due to the nature of the site, shorter works tend to get more focus. It's easier to quickly read a poem or a short story, and thus many of the feature articles on dA showcase those works. However, there are many novelists and serial writers among the mix, oftentimes fighting an uphill battle to have their works seen and appreciated.

With that in mind, I have started an article to spotlight some of those artists and their literary-worlds. The works covered in this feature will exclusively be long-form fiction such as novels, trilogies, etc., or fiction serials.

Current Stop - Modern Day, USA

The next stop on our Literary journey is 21st Century Portage Lake, Maine, a gloomy location featured in the novel, "Prelude" - Book One of the Dhampyre Chronicles written by Allie James (AllieG06).

What better way to find out what a book is about than reading the back cover. Grab the virtual paperback and flip it over to see what Dhampyre is about...

Amelie Reynolds is a simple girl who moves to Portage Lake, a creepy and boring town in Maine. She has no family except for her aunt Jane who's strangely overprotective with her. On her 17th birthday, Amelie discovers that her whole life was a lie. In fact, she's a dhamphyr, the daughter of a vampire. Amelie not only has to face the fact that vampire blood runs in her veins and her real family wants her back, but also that she has a special power which makes her lethal. So an ancient battle between vampires and slayers starts in order to have her on their side. But what will she do when love and friendship force her to stay in the line of fire?



“A moment later, the world just stopped and I was surrounded by the emptiness of the silence. I began to feel very dizzy and weak. I rolled my eyes as a deafening buzz, like a drill against a solid wall, invaded my head. Instinctively, I gave a gasp, holding my head with both trembling hands, driving away the pain from it, and then I saw him." ~ Amelie


Of course, the best way to learn about a Literary World is to visit it yourself. Here are some works from Prelude to help whet your appetite.

Prelude by AllieG06 :iconnbsp:   New in town. by AllieG06

Dhampyre Art

Literary Universes are worlds created out of words on pages, but many authors now expand beyond that. Creating or commissioning art of their characters and settings is a way to help enrich the reading experience for their fans, as well as help inspire the creators themselves. We asked the creator to pick out three of her favorite pieces and tell us why they are so special to her.

Poster by AllieG06 :iconnbsp:   Amelie and Will by compoundbreadd

Team Dhampyr by AllieG06

1.    Amelie and Will are my main characters. At the beginning, they didn´t get on well. He is quite annoying and she can´t stand that. Throughout the story, they realize they have a lot in common. Especially, when she discovers that Will is a vampire and she´s the offspring of the most powerful vampire leader in North America. There are like cheese and chalk. Whereas  she´s kind and a bit pig-headed, he´s cold and he never does anything without thinking it twice. For that reason, he´s always fighting against Amelie. I chose this picture because that´s exactly the way I see them.

2. I´ve never asked for commisions, I draw my own stuff but this time, I wanted to see through another artist´s eyes. So I contacted compoundbreadd and she did this marvelous job.  This scene shows the 1st time Amelie sees Will.

3. As a romantic story, there´s a love triangle between Amelie, Will and Luke. This piece showcases that.

“Normally I´d not accept invitations from strangers, but after analyzing my disadvantages, I had no choice but to agree. The motobiker lifted his visor and I discovered he had large hazel eyes. ´Great,´he exclaimed, hurriedly taking his helmet off. I was very surprised to see how handsome he was.” ~ Amelie


The second-best way to learn about a literary work is to talk to the creator. AllieG06 was nice enough to sit down for a Q&A about her novel series and other works.

:bulletwhite: Please introduce yourself.

My real name is Ingrid Gavilan but I am  known as Allie James.

:bulletwhite: How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since I was 12, now I´m 29. I used to write for literature classes in high school, but I´ve never shared my stories with the world until now. DA gives me the opportunity to see whether I´m good at this or not. I think I´m doing it well.

:bulletwhite: Tell us a little about your novel/series?

Dhampyre Chronicles ("DC") tells the story about Amelie Reynolds, a girl who has a lot of drama in her life; her mother died when she was born and she blames herself for that, she doesn´t know her father, and her aunt brings her up. She also has the typical teenanger problems to fix at a new school, to be accepted by others.  She moves a lot because of her aunt´s job, but when she arrived to Portage Lake, she realizes that she is not the person she thinks she is. On her 17th birthday, she discovers she has a twin sister who´s in danger and she has to save her. She is also gifted with special powers which will become a curse during the story. In DC there is romance, of course. Amelie falls in love with a complicated vampire boy, Will. There is also a vampire slayer, Luke , that plays a wicked game of love and seduction over her.  The story talks mainly about taking risks, to accept that decisions not only affect ourselves but also the people around us.

:bulletwhite: When/How did you come up with the idea of your novel/series?

I don´t know exactly when I began thinking about Dhampyr Chronicles, but I can say that the way it came to my mind was incredible. Up to that point, I had problems with my artistic side. I´m a painter, and I felt very frustrated with my stuff. I was blocked and nothing came to my mind. One day, I  was travelling to work and I started listening to my favourite band, Muse. There is a symphony called Exogenesis. In that moment, I let my mind wander and something incredible happened. I started seeing, as a movie, a faceless girl in a middle of a huge fight and she was rescued by a boy. He was a vampire. At first I dropped the idea to write it because everybody would link the story with Twilight.

In November, 2012, I went to the cinema to see the 2nd part of Breaking Dawn and I felt very interested in Nessie, Bella´s daughter. I wondered what you called a half human and half vampire child. I looked for information and  I discovered the word Dhampyr. This is it, I thought. I remember I couldn´t sleep that night, it felt like I opened a locked door that filled my mind with different scenes. So the next morning I started typing in my mobile/writing in paper all the stuff I remembered. If I was on the bus, having lunch or just walking, I just wrote. At nights, I sat down at the computer to write a clean version. By the time I realized, I had written twelve chapters. It was awesome because I used to give up in chapter three or four.

It didn´t take me time to find names for my main characters. For my vampire, who was definitely British, I decided to use a name that I heard a lot in History, William. For Her, I chose a name that I really love and in honour of one of my favourite films, Amelie. She has a twin sister, Agatha, who appears in the story to complicate her life, it´s in honour of Agatha Christie.  For my setting, I knew that I wanted a place that left a mark on me. I´ve been big fan of Stephen King´s books since childhood, so Maine was the place where weird events happened. I pulled up maps of the area and studied them and Portage Lake caught my attention. So the big problem was the title of the book. Nothing convinced me, but then it came to my mind. Amelie is a dhampyr (for female and dhampir for male), this is her story and she talks about her experiences as a chronicle. My novel series had finally a name: Dhampyr Chronicles.

:bulletwhite: Who are your two favorite characters and why? (Yes, I know picking only two is hard.)

It´s quite hard. Amelie and I have a lot of things in common. Sometimes I feel she´s like a little voice whispering behind my ear, but I think Will is my favourite character. When I wrote him, I thought about all the little things that all women want from a men. Apart from that, he represents my personal Mr. Right. He is handsome, he has a strong personality and he will do everything for love.

:bulletwhite: What’s one of the best compliments you’ve gotten on the novel/series?

One of my friends read a few pages of chapter 3, the part where Amelie meets Will. I was really afraid of her opinion. I remember she looked at me and said:  "I want to read more! This is really unputdownable! You need to publish it! You must publish it, girl!"

Maybe she´s just a good friend, but her comment encouraged me to share it online.

:bulletwhite: What would you estimate the readership of the work has been/is?

I don't really know. I have quite a few people who follow the series through the art. Actually, I want people to read the story so if I can catch their attention with art, I´ll still be doing it! Apart from that, I appreciate the support that people give me here in DA, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

:bulletwhite: Just for fun, if you could pick an actor or actress to play the lead protagonist and antagonist, who would you choose?

Well, I looked for actresses for the role of Amelie and Agatha, who´s the antagonist in this first book (in fact I´m planning to continue writing a 2nd and 3rd part if everything goes well). For the role of Amelie, I´d choose Kaya Scodelario and Alexsandra Daddario for Agatha. Douglas Booth is the Will I have in mind.

:bulletwhite: What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

The excitment that I feel, of course. While I´m writing, I imagine the scenes like in a film. The faces, dialogues, the development of the characters... I really want people to get involved with the novel as I do.

:bulletwhite: What are your goals for the series/novel?

To entertain people. I don't care about selling books or making money, I just want people to read my story and enjoy it.

:bulletwhite: Final words?

I want to thank for this interview and everyone who supports the novel. I hope I didn't bore you.  

“I walked slowly watching my own reflection with suspicion. I wore dark jeans, a jacket of the same colour. A hood covered my head. I raised my hand and stretched the soft material discovering my wet hair pulled back in a long, tight ponytail. Nothing seemed unusual until I noticed that my black-raven hair was in a deep red colour. It was ginger.  I stared at myself in horror when I realized that I was not the one in the mirror, it was my sister, Agatha.” ~ Amelie

Want More?

As this work is being developed for formal query and publication, only a limited amount of material is currently available online. However, you can follow the series on AllieG06's deviantART page. You can also see art and other related fan pieces in the group DC-Fanclub

More Compass?

:bulletyellow: You can view past editions of the series here

If you would like to recommend a novel or series to be considered for Literary Compass, please drop me a note. A series or novel must have a deviantART base , be fairly established, have supporting art, and offer some 2-3 excerpts/literary pieces for reading. You MAY self-suggest your own work.

Guidelines and FAQ for the series can be found here


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:bulletwhite: Coding modified and formatted by Ravenswd
:bulletwhite: Art featured in article courtesy of compoundbreadd, and AllieG06

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